Diabetes Meeting Feb 2019

Hi, Everyone,

Just wanted to be in touch and let you know about our next Sweet Talkers meeting on Friday, March 29th from 6-8 pm at the La Jolla Village Square Community Room. So, save the date if you can make it! Topic to be announced.

We also wanted to give you a quick review of last meeting’s discussions. Mark started off by giving some brief summaries on a variety of Superfoods that you might find helpful. Mark explained that while many foods have been given the title of “superfoods” over the years, there are really no real parameters that have been set for that title.

Generally speaking, superfoods are given that title because they are full of nutrients that can, or tend to, promote health.

That said, we talked about some of the best superfoods for diabetics: Spiraina, Chlorella, Turmeric, Cacao, Flax and Hemp seeds, Chia seeds and berries along with a few others.

As the meetng moved on, we asked what the hardest times during the day were for folks to control their blood sugars. There were some different answers, as you’d expect, but one of them was in the mornings when blood sugars soar upwards. That’s called “the dawn phenomenon” and is a likely topic for a future meeting.

As always, we were fortunate to have Dr. Anna Tarabrina at our meeting to offer her valuable input and suggestions. We served tea and Mark’s famous low carb brownies to boot.

A note to those of you who’ve started a 30 ay challenge: please let us hear about your own challenge and whether you’re ready to pick another one.

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