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I have been attending the Sweet Talkers meetings for the last couple of years. It has literally changed my life! Mark and Lisa are caring and dedicated to helping others. I am a different, more optimistic person now and can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. These meetings have helped me tremendously....B.C.

Hey you T1 and T2 diabetics out there, have I got a deal for you! I just finished an online 9 chapter course by the organization called Sweet Talkers. Sweet Talkers is for causes on optimal health through good food choices and understanding and support for the emotional side of diabetes.

Lisa and Mark, (the owners), are geniuses when it comes to the simple concept of JUST THINKING ABOUT FOOD and how to make it better for diabetics. What I mean by that is explaining what good food basics are about, simply analyzing them and saying, "hey, I got this food, what can I do with it (recipe) and show you through deconstruction how to take the CARBS down less than half, but more like 75% lower. And the best thing about the results are they do it without ruining the integrity of the recipe!!! How's that for magic? I was truly impressed.

I learned about good fruits and vegetables and bad fruits and vegetables, carb reduction, carb substitution, and believe it or not, just common sense food discipline. I learned about Miracle noodles and rice. It's my new go to, to be able to enjoy those two high carb foods and add them to my diet, to keep my blood sugar on the low side vs. having my blood sugar spike unnecessarily.

I'm so glad that I took his very wise, thoughtful and practical online course. I do suggest that you do, too. Your A1c will appreciate you for doing it!!! ...S.P., verified customer and student

I have the greatest respect for what Lisa and Mark have given us diabetics thru their meetings, emails and continued support. I was truly lost, at the mercy of my own diabetes, until I started going to their meetings, reading their emails, and started learning a new way to look at food and my own meal plan. When you start following their examples, it's really not that hard to start lowering your own blood sugars. I was amazed and very grateful indeed....C.T.


I've been a type 2 diabetic for about five years now. When I was diagnosed, I went to the hospital diabetes training and thought I was doing everything just a they told me to to get better control of my blood sugars. My A1c was 10 at the time. When I first discovered Sweet Talkers, my A1c was only down to 9!! With the help of Lisa and Mark, I've managed to get that A1c down to 7 and still counting! Focus on food, people, it's essential to your health!

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