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Sweet Talkers Diabetic Pantry Presents:

Sweet Talkers prides itself on presenting some of the best, healthiest commercial food products for diabetics on the market today. If you're diabetic, you've probably eaten your share of cardboard-like bread substitutes. Well, we've tested the majority of products for The Diabetic Pantry with great success; no cardboard here.


While you can't expect low or zero carb commercial foods to taste exactly like their high carb brothers, the following products are pretty good. Prices on quality low carb commercial foods also tend to be higher than higher carb foods but as diabetics, we have a different set of goals; namely, keeping our blood sugars low. 

So, when we buy these products, we're sacrificing a bit of taste for steadier blood sugars.


With all of our busy lives, it's often not possible to cook optimal meals. As a result, we'd like you to check out all the categories of prepared foods we've compiled for you below:

Breads & bread substitutes


Snacks: Bars, Nuts and Seeds





Favorite low carb websites




These hamburger buns almost taste like real bread but with zero net carbs! What's not to like? These buns allow you to actually eat a bun... for diabetics this is a rare treat. With 12 buns per package, this purchase will get you 12 hamburger buns at around $26. Easily frozen to last longer, these buns are a great alternative to regular high carb buns and your blood sugar meter will certainly thank you for that!



These low carb wheat tortillas are only 3grams of carbs each with 5 grams of protein each and only 50 calories per tortilla. Non-GMO with no artificial sweeteners, these tortillas will last about 30 days in your fridge or they can be frozen. This is a pak of 60 tortillas for around $37 which comes out to around 60 cents per tortilla. If you want fewer of these, just click on the picture to the right for other options.


This is a variety pack of low carb tortillas: flour, whole wheat, spinach herb and tomato basil. Fiber filled and 3-5 carbs per tortilla, this pan is a tortilla lover's dream. Versatile in the kitchen, you can use these tortillas for tacos, wraps, burritos and more. Each pack contains 8 tortillas and with four different packs, you can get 32 tortillas for around $22 which is less than 70 cents per tortilla. If you want fewer of these, just click on the picture to the right for other options.

What Are Some of the BEST SANDWICH WRAPS for Diabetics?

Paleo Wraps from NUCO:

These wraps are made from organic coconut meat, water and oil. They’re a healthy alternative to bread or tortillas and great for diabetics because they’re also very low carb. These wraps are thin but very sturdy much like a crepe because they can hold so much. You can make all kinds of sandwiches with them and my own favorite is the almond butter/blueberry spread/wraps that I take with me when I travel.


Slightly crispy but flexible, you can choose between the coconut or the turmeric wraps which are both non- GNO, gluten free and vegan friendly. They also have a shelf life of one year. These wraps just open up all kinds of food doors for diabetics and are a great, healthy alternative to bread. And they don’t cause those nasty high blood sugar spikes! 4 Net Carbs. About $7.00


These bagels are made fresh with all natural ingredients, have over 17 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber (per half bagel). Highly rated for taste, these may yet be the best bagel substitutes for diabetics at only two net carbs per 1/2 bagel. Reasonably priced at less than $10 for three bagels. Considering that regular bagels weigh in at around 45 carbs, it would be hard to beat this substitute.


At last,low carb bread crumbs! These have been rated high for taste and this is a 4 oz package and one serving (1/2 oz) is only 2 net carbs. It's high fiber, non GMO, and high protein and sugar free as well. Around $8 but note that it has wheat.

Dandy Blend - a great beverage for diabetics

Dandy Blend is a coffee substitute that’s especially good for diabetics. It’s gluten and caffeine free and has no acidity or bitterness. Best of all, it has chicory and dandelion (specific health foods for diabetes) along with beet root, barley and rye. Dandy Blend also has over 50 trace minerals in every cup, which helps our bodies synthesize some of the compounds needed in metabolism. Have you ever felt a bit bloated or gassy after your morning coffee? Well, coffee is acidic and is likely to blame for that. Dandy Blend won’t give you gas or upset your stomach!

About $11.50 for a bag.

Why Is Guava Good For Diabetics?

Runa Clean Energy Unsweetened Guava Tea: If you’re a diabetic whose looking towards a healthier life, then this Runa Guava drink just may be what you’ve looking for. Runa Guava is a great alternative to acidic diet sodas and especially beneficial for diabetics. Why?


Guava is a nutrient rich fruit that’s high in fiber as well as antioxidants like lycopene, quercetin and carotene and is also high in Vitamins C, A and potassium (helps regulate blood pressure). All of these nutrients are helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels. Considered a superfood due to its many health benefits, guava is also low on the glycemic index and is said to help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes.


The Runa brand of unsweetened tea comes in both prepared liquid tea or powder, has only 1 gram of carbs, is organic and contains purified water, organic guayusa leaves, organic pear juice concentrate, organic guava flavor, L-Malic acid, ascorbic acid (Vit C) and 69 mg of caffeine and zero calories. Not only is guava good for diabetics but this tea is delicious. What more could you ask?


About $24.00 for a case of 12.

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