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Great Diabetic Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Well, it’s certainly been a long time since we’ve been able to have a Sweet Talkers diabetic nutrition meeting. It is Mark’s and my greatest wish that you’ve all been safe and hanging in there during this pandemic.

We just wanted you all to know that you’ve been in our best thoughts during this horrific time and we wanted to share some low carb recipes with you as we all prepare for this Thanksgiving holiday.

This is a website I discovered several months ago called Sugar Free Londoner,, and Katrin spends her time coming up with some truly delicious, healthy, low carb recipes.

I couldn’t help but want to send out this information to you as you begin to prepare your holiday feast. Check this out as here are 15 low carb, different holiday stuffing recipes. Knowing that stuffing is one of the highest carb items in a Thanksgiving meal, this is a great find for any diabetic.

In case you’re wondering, “Keto” refers to very low carb, higher healthy fat recipes and foods and Keto foods are often a good choice for we folks watching our blood sugar levels.

You can also go to this website and find a wide variety of low carb pumpkin recipes as well:

Mark and I miss you guys and want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving which we are especially grateful for this year given the new vaccine info. Hopefully, we’ll all be getting back to normal soon.

Please stay in touch, send an email even just to say hi. If you find yourself struggling with blood sugar issues and trying to stay on track, feel free to set up a short call as I’ll be setting up free 15 minute chat times on Tuesdays for the time being.

All the best to you and yours,

Lisa and Mark


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