Sugar Substitutes

We all know that sugar is bad for diabetics, but there are substitutes. Some are healthier than others and some are better for baking. At the next Sweet Talkers meeting (Sept 14th), Lisa will give a presentation on Sugar and Spikes (cute, right?). We'll share some of the different products and the pros and cons. Meanwhile, feel free to buy some of the products we recommend below. Each product is only 4 Carbs per tsp.

The best sweetener for diabetics. Stevia

Here is Monkfruit, a natural sugar substitute. Purchase for about $7.00

Another Monk Fruit. Very sweet so a little goes a long way.

Very helpful sweetener for diabetics. Contains soluble fiber as well.

Made from Birch Bark..Should not drive up your blood sugar. Toxic to dogs.

Made from the Lacuma fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals