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Sweet Talkers Expands Website

Hey, everyone, hope you’re having a great week. I just wanted to let you know that we’ve expanded our new website,, as a food and nutritional education resource for diabetics.

Many of you who haven’t been able to come to our Sweet Talker meetings have asked to receive the information and recipes from those meetings. At, we now have some of that info available for you.

A number of you met us thru the TCOYD exhibits and might remember us as the table with all the food on it. So many people have asked us to put those commercial, diabetic-friendly foods on line, that we’ve just started adding those products to

As a result of all that, we have now added the “The Diabetic Pantry” to as a resource to purchase some of the special foods we recommend. We’re starting out with a few of our recommended foods and will continue to add more. “The Diabetic Pantry” should be more complete within the

next few weeks and we’ll alert you when it’s done.

We’re hoping that you’ll all find this helpful information and a great resource. So, please tell us what you think of the expanded site. Do you like it? Is there anything else you’d like to see on the site?

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