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About Sweet Talker Diabetic Recipes

About Our Recipes

Just a word here about our recipes and why we configure them the way we do. We decided when we first created Sweet Talkers that our focus would be on healthy, delicious foods for diabetics. We also decided that no recipe we created would be over 10 carbs and lower than that whenever possible. There are a couple of reasons for that.

Most simply, we diabetics don’t process carbs well. We all know that type 1’s produce little if any insulin to counter the impact of carbohydrates. Just as we all know that type 2’s are still producing insulin although that ability is compromised. But it’s impossible to know how many carbs a type 2 can process adequately. Why? Because we’re all different. One type 2 can handle more carbs than another depending on their individuality.

Given that, I wanted to make recipes that could potentially be good for all diabetics including pre-diabetics. Let’s face it; we all should know by now that the bulk of our available grocery store foods are loaded with sugar; and it’s sugar, in part, that’s taking

such a tremendous toll on our health.

As a result of that, the internet is now laden with a lot of low carb websites and a lot of delicious recipes using alternative sugars to help sweeten our foods. But I can’t help but wonder sometimes if we haven’t just switched from one bad habit to another. Yes, sugar substitutes can have a much lower impact on overall carb counts and blood sugar levels but are some of these highly processed sugar substitutes really good for our overall health?

So, that’s another important thing about Sweet Talkers recipes. We want them to be as healthy as possible. We search for the least processed, most organic ingredients we can find. And that certainly applies to any sugar we use in our recipes.

Add to all that, if you prowl the internet looking for “diabetic friendly recipes”, you will often find outdated, high carb recipes based on the antiquated “my plate” advice for healthy, diabetic eating. Not so. Don’t be misled by those faulty recipes and nutritional guidelines. Eating high carb meals will not help you control your diabetes; quite the contrary.

Finally, as a diabetic, I confess that I often miss being able to eat as much of a particular food as I want. As a type 1, I am acutely aware of portion control in my meals. So, having lower carb recipes and foods means that I can eat more IF I CHOOSE. Wow, gaining back some of that freedom is priceless to me. Comments?

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