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Welcome To Sweet Talkers

Sweet Talkers Welcome Post

What’s Sweet Talkers all about? Well, we’re about good nutrition and delicious food for diabetics. No more trying to eat food that tastes like cardboard!! We’re also about maximizing our diabetic health by using foods and supplements that will not only help us control our blood sugars, but also increase our health and lessen the worries that come with this disease.

By supporting and helping one another, we’re also about the emotional side of diabetes. No one but a diabetic understands what it’s like to have diabetes better than we do. No one. Unfortunately, you have to live diabetes to understand it.

Do you think anyone else understands what it’s like to have to think about every morsel of food you put in your mouth? How could they understand the stress that causes? Certainly there are folks with other illnesses that are on restricted diets… but I can’t think of one where their bodies will immediately react like ours do if we go off our meal plans.

Having said all of that, this website has been a dream of mine for many years. Sweet Talkers will have this online presence as well as at least one local monthly meeting here in San Diego. During those general meetings every month, we’ll have a presentation on some aspect of FOOD THAT’S GOOD FOR DIABETICS AND TASTES GOOD TO BOOT. I’ll provide information on many relevant nutritional topics as well as other information about diabetes self management. I’d also like to leave some time in those meetings to hear from you.

What a lot of diabetics don’t know is that it’s very possible to eat delicious foods that will have a minimal impact on blood sugars. In a lot of cases, simply changing a few ingredients in a recipe or substituting healthier products can have a huge impact on lowering your blood sugars. I’ve spent the last few years researching and finding good, pre-packaged foods that diabetics can use at their convenience. I plan to have at least some of those foods available for perusal at the monthly meetings as well as here online.

In addition to the monthly meetings, I’ll also be looking to start a baking group where, along with myself, other diabetics will start making and taste testing low carb recipes. Hopefully, along with that, I’ll also be able to do some cooking demonstrations.

My fondest hope is that Sweet Talkers becomes an interactive and valuable group and website for you. I want to know what you need and what your most pressing concerns are about your diabetes. I want to hear your stories and frustrations. I want you to leave this group or website with concrete ideas that you can start implementing right now to help manage your diabetes. I don’t want to just give you information; I want to give you inspiration and spark ideas that can immediately be helpful to you in managing this illness.

All of that's to say a hearty "Welcome" to Sweet Talkers. We're so happy to have you with us!

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