Unfortunately, all meetings have been suspended due to concerns over the spread of the virus. We have started a Facebook group to keep us all in touch called, Sweet Talker Diabetics. Simply login to Facebook, go to Groups and type in "Sweet Talker Diabetics". We'll be discussing ways to strengthen your immune system from some doctors as well as adding some diabetes friendly recipes, etc.

Feel free to login and share your thoughts or just tell us about what your day was like, how you're keeping busy, etc. 




There are many different components to good nutrition as well as differing opinions on what comprises a healthy diabetic meal plan. Ours is a common sense, straight forward approach to diabetic meal planning. Through our educational meetings and this website, we look to provide nutritional information that simplifies and helps guide each individual diabetic to make the best meal choices for themselves.

This is just a partial list of some of the topics we'll be covering in the coming year:

  • The rationale behind a low carb diet for diabetics

  • Understanding PH and ORAC values and how they can benefit your health

  • Understanding fats that don't make you fat

  • Learn the 100 healthiest foods

  • Learning how to incorporate them into your tasty diabetic meal plan

  • How to take some of your comfort foods and make them healthier

  • Learn about carb/blood sugar ratio - ie; how much one carb will drive up your own blood sugars

  • Learn about nutrient density and what it means for you and how it can benefit your health

  • Learn some of the best replacement flours for baked goods.

  • How to build your own custom recipe book

  • Learn about antioxidants and why they are good for you

  • Eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating eating food you don't like

  • Learn more about digestion, digestive enzymes and how they work

  • What the parameters are for a healthy food